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Eugenio Guerrero Lopez
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The Villa present address is CA-9123 Km 8, Grazalema 11610. But Google maps has the old address, CA-5311 Km 8, Grazalema 11610

The point of reference to get to the villa is an intersection on road A-374 (Sevilla-Ronda) located about 700 m before arriving to Montecorto if you are coming from Sevilla (Algodonales) or at about 700 m after you pass Montecorto if you are coming from Ronda. If you are coming from Ronda make sure to pass Montecorto before leaving road A-374, since there is a previous left turn that take you to Grazalema, but not to the villa that is located in the other side of the Mountain

This map indicates the correct location of the Villa
If you prefer we could meet at the intersection 700 m away from Montecorto